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The Archie Vinitsky Awards

The Archie Vinitsky Award is an Award presented to a person who has given the most outstanding voluntary service at international and/or regional level in support of the activities of the IOA. The Award will next be presented in 2014 at a Conference of an IOA Full Member association.

The Award is essentially for services which have been given entirely voluntarily, but in the event of a potential recipient being professionally involved in a related capacity, a very clear distinction must be made by the proposer between their professional and voluntary activities. It is most likely that the qualifying period of any candidate will be over a number of preceding years. The Award will not be presented to current IOA Coordination Committee members or previous Award recipients.

        1982 - Cristian Soop (France )
        1983 - Albert Lyons ( USA )
        1984 - Prof. Nils Koch (Sweden )
        1985 - Maria Siegl (Canada)
        1986 - Edwin Ward ( USA )
        1987 - Gustavo Cajiao (Colombia )
        1988 - Alan A. Meyer ( England)

From this date the award was passed in three years delivered at the opening of the World Congress Ostomized Patients

        1991 - Abraham Lastnik ( USA )
        1991 - Herman Meijer (Posthumously) (The Netherlands)
        1994 - Candida Carvalheira ( Brazil )
        2000 - Gerhard Englert ( Germany)
        2004 - Ken Aukett ( USA )
        2007 - John O Neill ( New Zealand )
        2010 - Brenda Flanagan ( England )
        2012 - Dielwen Bracken ( Canada )
        2014 - Arne Holte ( Norway )
        2017 - Barry Maughan ( New Zealand )

Please find photos and available articles below from past recipients of The Archie Vinitsky Award.
Feel free to email IOA Webmaster to update photos and articles for the other awardees.

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