Photo description from the OAA 2nd Regional Conference:
1. OAA Delegates and Observers
2. Dr. Fernando Soria (Medical Surgeon of Cordoba / Argentina) and his wife Monica Martinez
3. Mariela Acero de Romero ipp-president OAA and her husband Carlos Julio Romero
4. New OAA Steering Committee 2016 -2019 - From Left to Right: Martha Velez de Nieves. Secretary, Jorge Vargas Morales President, Francisco Miguez M Vice President, Mariela Acero de Romero Former President
5 - New Steering Committee ALADO 2016 -2019
- From left to right: Izaac Fernandez Vice President, Teresa Antequera Secretary, Jessica Cardenas R, President and Francisco Miguez Treasurer.
6. Plaque of Dr. Harikesh Buch Professional Servive Award for Professional to Dr. Fernando Jose Soria.
7 - Recognition Services Award presented to Mariela Acero de Romero as President of OAA from 2013 -2016.

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