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Mission and Vision Statement

We shall continue to be the lead Ostomy Association worldwide known as the International Ostomy Association providing the highest level of training, research, and advocacy ostomy patients.
We shall be the major resource for the upliftment of the above information present in three regions namely Asia and South Pacific, Europe and the Americas.
We shall sustain our thrusts by providing continuing medical education to enhance the skills of surgeons,specialists, co-advocates and co-workers.

To Work hand-in-hand with Member Associations in promoting and informing the treatment of colorectal cases by the use of quality ostomy appliances.
To pursue excellence in developing and establishing the highest level of training and research for surgeons, wound and ostomy care nurses and estimates through the visitors program and ISCAP.
To assist other Member Associations and associate members strengthen and develop support groups and units, especially in the three regions.
To create a work environment that encourages teamwork, recognizes individual worth and rewards outstanding performance.

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