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Hisory of IOA

The International Ostomy Association IOA was established in August 28, 1970 when the World Work Committee came into existence at the annual UOA Conference that was held in Boston.

It was Mr. Archie Vinitsky in 1966, chairman of the UOA International Relations Committee, who sent 10 letters around the world to inquire about founding an international mutual aid organization of ostomates.

From there on up to 1970, an annual UOA conference with representatives of ostomy associations from other countries held informal meetings to share common experiences. This World Work Committee provided outreach, assisted newly formed associations in Europe, South America and Asia with the guidance of the pioneering work of Archie Vinitsky together with Christian Soop, secretary, and Dr. Albert J. Lyons as medical advisor.

After 5 years, the annual conference in The Netherlands finally ratified the articles of the confederation, the constitution and bylaws.  These were signed by representatives of 11 associations representing 10 countries.
The conference changed the name from World Work Committee to International Ostomy Association.

In November 2010 the IOA took another step to move forward. A meeting held in Frankfurt, Germany replaced the original structure with a Coordination Committee that represents three regions, Europe, America and Asia.

Each Region aims to promote the highest standards of quality of life for ostomates, high regard for surgical practice and the advancement of ostomy care worldwide.

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