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IOA CC and UOAA Collaborate on a Discussion Board

The International Ostomy Association CC has collaborated with the United Ostomy Associations of America to host an IOA CC Forum on its website ostomy.org.

This is a wonderful opportunity to provide support to ostomates around the world. Although the forum is in English, it is an added benefit to the services that both UOAA and IOA CC provide.

The IOA CC website has a link to the other UOAA Discussion Boards. The target audiences for these other Boards includes parents, teens, young adults, those with a continent diversion, and, those who do or wish to learn about irrigation of an end colostomy. A separate section entitled International Ostomy World is included so that those visiting the UOAA site can read about international ostomy issues. This post includes hyperlinks back to pages within the IOA CC website.

Click image to go to UOAA discussion board

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