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A. The Purpose:

      To provide an Association of affiliated Regional Ostomy Associations that are committed to the improvement of the quality of life of ostomates worldwide. The work of the Association, managed by ostomates, will be organized by a Coordination Committee, consisting of representatives of each of its affiliated Regions. According to the Charter of Ostomates' Rights, the Association encourages the highest possible standards of surgery, medical attention and patient after-care for ostomates, and, the use by medical professionals of trained ostomate volunteers as a member of the multi-disciplinary team organized to  help rehabilitate ostomates. It motivates ostomates around the world to be engaged in forming and running Ostomy Associations.

B. The Aims of the Association are:

1. To provide to its affiliated Regional Ostomy Associations services common to all;

2. To develop ideas and to provide a forum for the exchange of information of the work and experience within each Region;

3. To assist in the planning of new Regional Ostomy Associations with the cooperation of IOA's existing Regional members;

4. To serve as a point of contact for allied international organizations

C. The Primary Objectives of the Association are:

1. To provide services common to all Regions by including:

          a. Maintaining an IOA Internet website;
          b. Using all means of technological communication;
          c. Coordinating World Ostomy Day;
          d. Being a source of advice and counsel to the leadership of a Regional Ostomy Association if called upon by the leadership to provide this service.

2. Coordinate distribution of information among the Regional Ostomy Associations;

3. To assist in the planning and formation of new Regional Ostomy Associations;

4. To serve as a point of contact for allied international organizations. 


Revised September 2011

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